Tessuti Zoo

For the wild and whimsical in one-of-a-kind art, clothing, dolls, creatures, quilts, wall-hangings, furniture and all that's color, it's Tessuti Zoo in Pacific Grove, California.

To truly discover what is happening at the Zoo, you need to visit firsthand and explore. You need to walk in, touch, taste, listen, sense and feel. Tessuti Zoo is a welcoming and charming shopping experience where brick and mortar is very much alive and well.

Due to popular demand, we will soon be offering a selection of Emily's art pieces on this Website for purchase by phone order or online. Browse our gallery and discover your must-have creation. Act fast, because these limited lines are subject to quick sellouts.

831.648.1725 or tessutizoo@gmail.com for questions or comments.

Open 11-5, Monday - Saturday.